About Us

About Us

CS ARGE, combining its 30 years mining industry and 20 years of industry experiences with the innovative engineering approach , patented projects and experienced engineers to manufacturing plant and sorting machines in Mining sectors.Encouragement of innovative and creative approaches, technical and behavioral skills trainings to increase our activities towards of Environment and Mining industries in terms of quality .We are working with all our strength to be an organization that fits to the needs of our customers.With the approach of continuously innovation in all our processes we aim to increase the efficiency level that can compete at the international level.


  • To ensure customer satisfaction and expectations.
  • To produce timely and accurate service.
  • To apply in all our tier and units up to date quality standards.
  • To apply concession company trainings at all levels.
  • To perform teamwork with full motivation and promote team spirit.
  • Create customer loyalty.
  • Continuous research and development approach.
  • National and local environmental policies related to our activities, are compatible with environmental management standard.


  • Meet customer needs on time and in the desired manner.
  • Provides an environment where our employees are happy and be proud of, create a sense of belonging and team spirit.
  • We continuously improve the quality of service we provide to our customers and the satisfaction of our customers, by evaluating their suggestions and complaints.
  • We take our training and learning mechanisms that we have created as a responsibility to employees and customers.
  • Open communication, team spirit, coordination, right guidance and motivation in the foundation of the customer-oriented organization which is consisting of the leaders.
  • To be reliable always.
  • We ensure that our products are safe, functional, aesthetic and mean time economical.
  • Not being satisfied with our current situation and determine our basic philosophy as continuous improvement at each point.
  • Grow surely and with the right steps.


  • Meet the demands of our customers in time and desired quality.
  • Minimizing damage to the environment and to produce environmentally friendly products to use in our operations, do remedial work environment.
  • To reduce hazardous waste and to ensure the disposal in a controlled manner in our working environment.
  • Making risk analysis of occupational accidents and health of workers in order to reduce losses to create a safe and healthy environment.
  • Making risk analysis in working area in order to avoid from occupational accidents and reduce the losses of health of the workers, providing a safe and healthy environment.
  • To reduce energy costs, savings in energy usage and to improve energy efficiency.


  • Trust and Respect to our business, our employees and our customers.
  • Our team
  • Our informatics infrastructure
  • Agreements with the industry’s biggest international Manufacturers.

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