Turn-Key Industrial Plants and Equipment

Design, manufacturing, montage, test-control and engineering works

X-Ray Dry Coal Sorting Plant

Our X-ray dry coal sorting plant separates foreign materials in coal without using water and enables you to use water resources consciously with its environmentally friendly technology.

Coal Washing Plant

Coal Drying Plant (Rotary Dryer)

Our rotary coal drying machines continues to bring the sector together with high capacity, full automated, efficient and technological solutions.
<b>Product-Plant Design, Manufacturing and Montage</b>

Product-Plant Design, Manufacturing and Montage

CS ARGE, carries out the design, manufacturing, montage, test-control and engineering works of the plant or equipment determined properly in accordance with customer expectations.
<b>Installation, Testing and Start-up</b>

Installation, Testing and Start-up

CS ARGE, carries out all work specifically according to customers ' requests, needs and conditions, from design to installation and turn-key.
<b>Engineering and Development</b>

Engineering and Development

CS ARGE, with its experienced staff, strong information technology infrastructure and software solutions, provides basic and detailed engineering services on subjects that fall within its area of expertise.